2013-10-21 – Have it Your Way

Have it Your Way

Do you remember the first Brownsville Farmers’ Market that you attended this season? What about the very first one that you ever came out to on a beautiful Saturday morning? Was it rainy, sunny, foggy, breezy or otherwise uneventful in climactic terms? How has the market changed since your first visit? The Calapooia Food Alliance has worked hard every year to continue improving the market and we are very proud of how far it has come. The momentum that is gained every season turns into thoughtful winter discussion about how the community may be better served the following year, with the hope being consistently outstanding improvement in terms of supporting local agriculture and improving local folks’ access to local folks’ food.

What sort of feedback might you be able to provide to the CFA…

What are your favorite shoes to wear to market? Which vendor wears the best shoes? What the heck constitutes ‘best shoe’ at a Farmers’ Market? What size carrot is the sweetest? Are spring or fall carrots sweeter? Will you save the last one in the bunch for your sweetest? Might we be able to have a cooking demonstration for preparing kale? Can we just have a Brownsville Saturday Kale Market? This just in – escarole due to be next year’s en vogue sexy dark leafy green. All ‘sexy’ vegetables shall be restricted for display until sundown. Just love it when the soap lady brings mushrooms. Maybe there could be a Market Mash-up day? Wished there was my favorite kind of jam available at market…have you ever heard of strawberry mushroom preserves? In regards to the proposed salad dressing competition, those with international honors and medals in this art need not bother entering. That leaf of lettuce surely didn’t wilt from the sun but from that wool sweater of gramma’s homemade ranch suffocating it, will try harder next year. Clearer signs to the market’s drive-thru window would be much appreciated. So nice to attend market in a place with fast food nowhere to be found, thanks CFA. But truly, it couldn’t be that hard to build a drive thru stand, could it? Perhaps only for bicycles, 20 lbs of produce minimum purchase, recommended for those living downhill from Main St. Entertainment always makes the experience more pleasant. Saturday mornings have become my Saturday night in Brownsville! One idea for harnessing the rowdy music festival crowd – let’s show ’em what a real party looks like, they surely won’t bother with the late night hooting and hollering after we tire them out at market! Raffle prizes and other incentives would provide another reason to come every Saturday. A great grand prize for raffle finalists – assume control of a local farm (fine print: still take orders from and refill lemonade of previous farmer and their family)! Will be sure to talk to my friend who knows Mr. Reiner, we’ll be set to shoot the “deleted” Castle Rock Farmers’ Market scene any day now…please be sure that there will be sufficient produce for all the tourists next year.

Because the market exists for the community, the deepest improvements that can be made must come from ideas within that very community. Whether you only had a chance to attend one or missed just two and a half all season, we would truly love to fully hear any thoughts or feelings that you might have about market. Well, almost any…

Many thanks to all for their patronage, let’s make this Saturday’s market the greatest and next season’s setup the grandest!

Contact CFA organizers any time by visiting http://calapooiafoodalliance.org/contact.html

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