2013-04-08 The Pallet of Springtime

The Pallet of Springtime

The grasses underfoot have gotten so thick since the last entry and the longer days call for a check-in on the farm here out on Route 228. The unmistakeable intense green of new growth has filled our sights in the most encouraging way. Stately favas, asparagus torpedoes, spindly peas, determined alliums, creeping field cover, timid berry canes, finally rotting winter squashes and the happiest lettuces have set the stage for the year in food.

Field mice eager for spring have quieted after the welcoming warm weather. Caches of filbert and walnut meats were left behind for the dainty emerald emergence above and the swelling of roots below. For just a while it seemed that our odd group of traps was no match for the curious barrage of broods. Still-warm engine compartments will always serve the mice well, little gravel driveway nomads with a keen nature for collecting the softest fleeces of human industry.

Greenhouse work recalls a visit to the spa, with pockets of respiration and transpiration dancing among the tropical shrubs and organized army of sprouts. A spot on the farm housing the very Oregon paradox of experiencing a distinct radiating warmth in the absence of sunshine. Tools once again find their balance and stride, one by one, building up familiarity and rhythm for the first annual gala that is planting time. Detritus from last season serve as reminders of specific moments and become covered with weighted sacks and dusted off equipment.

Fresh fruit tree blossoms are steeped into a perfect mild tea, the seasonal spa and symbol for local perfection, much like the mature winter crop that laughs in the face of cover. The pastels of the springtime blossoms soften the vegetative energy coming out from the earth around and below them. Daffs remain proud but incite less excitement with the latest additions to our flowery scenery. The drone of bees can be heard as a surround sound stereo, humming along with shivers perfectly calibrated to a tree’s reproductive liking. Nothing so moving as this time when the celestial coordinates demand change!

Let us all enjoy it


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