2013-07-15 The Perfect Summer Recipe

The Perfect Summer Recipe

Farmer’s Market Soup


1 heaping cup of Oregon Sunshine

1 Summer Squash the size of your arm

Handfuls, Smiles Young and Old

Any sweet bright carrots left after the kids have had their munch

A fresh crisp handshake from a local craftsman

The ugliest most delicious tomatoes you could ever imagine

A splash of competition from the market soup contest

Potatoes that look like your great gramma’s sweet ol’ face

1 deep sigh of fulfillment for another Saturday morning well spent

A whiff of freshly harvested herbs

Salt and Pepper, to taste


Locate the perfect imaginable green and central setting in this little historic town. Gather up any family members who are awake and tempt the sluggish ones with treats if they can get up, hair combing and clothes matching not required. Arrive early and stay a while to get the best of everything. Flip on some relaxing music. Plan ahead and get everything that you’ll need for the week, from the decadent to the nutrient-based delights. Literally throw all ingredients into an immense pot, and in the time it takes to have an inspired and charming conversation with a local grower, the soup will be just right. Enjoy with those who you love to see and be sure to plan for the following Saturday, you’ll never tire of this seasonal delight!

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