Minutes 2014-11-17

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes 11/17/14

Present:  Members; Steve Brenner, Sally Lockhart, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze, Don Lyon, Cheryl Haworth. Market & Garden Manager, Diane Remior

 Minutes: Motion to approve October 20, 2014 minutes made by Kathleen, second by Gini. Approved.

Treasurers Report: Cheryl presented Treas. Report. Balance in checking $3,539.93 & $14,596.41 in savings. Selco account $511.41. Cheryl suggested that we continue to move excess funds to savings. Also explained that the savings account reflect the donation from 2013 from Margie.

New Business; Cheryl nominated Peggy Purkerson to the board, Gini Bramlett second. Unanimous vote!!

Farmers Market: Totals for 2014 Market. Vendor sales $1184, Community Booth  $347, wooden nickels $343,

  Snap $290, Match $$80, Farm checks $573, Community Garden $980, Cider Sales $181, Square $230

Community Garden:  Diane reported that the Sharing Garden grew over 2530 lbs. of produce, 1,326.50 lbs. was donated, 1,203.50 was sold at community booth which will be used to support the CFA programs

Clean up of garden beds will continue, draining lines, covering beds with leaf compost.

Garden clean up Wednesday 1:30 to 3:30

Will sell butternut & Delicata squash at Munch Night.

Committee formed for Community Garden 2015. Will recommend direction for 2015 Sharing Garden

Manager, Process, hiring committee, limited sharing garden? Encourage more use of garden plots?

 Don, Gini, Cheryl will meet Monday Nov 24the to get started. Kathleen & Diane will send existing contract description.

Taking Root: Gini has done an article on the history of our pharmaceuticals and reflections on them.  She asks for suggestions for stories for the winter months. Mushrooms and looking at the Bioneers presentation on line were suggested

Munch Night:  Corner Café Friday, Nov 21. 6 to 9, Bioneers lectures, Yummy bowls. Set up 3PM


Munch Food Assignments:

 Steve; beans & rice, Kathleen; quinoa &brown rice, avocados, May Ploy, soy sesame sauce, Gini: peanuts, cilantro, tomatillo sauce, corn, roll of paper, Sally; chanterelles, Mexican creama, Cheryl; black olives, cheese, edamame, red peppers, Don; Jasmine rice, black beans, tofu, Diane; squash, green onions, tomatoes.  

Cider Partnership: A win, win, win for all involved, The Fielders, the Farm Kitchen & the CFA. Not a lot of money but great experience, fun. Good for the Fielders and supportive of the Farm Kitchen

Spencer Report

Next Meeting; Invite Linda Scronce Johnson to speak about the Garden Club

Next CFA Meeting : No Meeting in  December

Submitted by Kathleen Swayze

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