Minutes 2014-10-20

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes 10/20/14

Present: Members; Steve Brenner, Sally Lockhart, Cheryl  Haworth, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze, Diane Remoir, Peggy Purkerson.

 Minutes: Motion to approve Sept.  2014 minutes made by Gini, seconded by Steve.

Treasurers Report: Cheryl passed out Profit and Loss statement from Jan. 1-Oct. 20, 2014. We received $5000 donation from Margy this year.  Steve also found $3000 from a previous year that was parked in PayPal and we were not aware of the donation. Kathleen will send a thank you note. Munch Night donation total is $1470.00. Total income to this date is $13,992.88 with total expenses being $8539.65. 

Farmers Market: Last market was planned with a Pumpkin Roll for kids under 12. High winds prompted cancellation.

Since a decision has been made to hold the market on Thursdays next season, it was suggested we talk to Marco about him selling out produce in his shop on Saturdays.

Community Garden: Diane reported that lots of work needs to be done to get the garden ready for winter: attention to strawberry beds and garden beds covered with leaves etc… It was also suggested someone contact Sarah Glenn to see if the scouts would be interested in helping out.

It was also discussed talking with senior center to rent tables at its holiday market for those interested, and to consider having a presence at the country music festival next summer.

Cheryl suggested keeping record of donated produce weights for verification of our nonprofit status.

The Snap Incentive Program Grant was discussed. There will be further discussion when the local arm makes some decisions on disbursements.

It was decided that the wind damaged tent not be replaced.                  

Taking Root: Now that the gardening season is closing, the next column(s) will focus on food storage.

Munch Night/ Community Garden Celebration:  Corner Café Friday, Sept 19. This month’s event focused on using the non GMO corn harvested from the community garden.  Kathleen will make corn bread and tamale pie, Gini-Corn Pudding, Sally-corn and bean salad with lime, Cheryl-Chicken Corn Chowder including one that was gluten free, and Diane-pumpkin chocolate chips cookie with corn ice cream.

The event was held, once again at the Corner Cafe thanks to Joe DeZurney. Joe has a potential buyer for the building so other venues will have to be considered.

The film will be GMO OMG educating film goers on how genetically manipulated foods affect us. The next Munch Night is Nov. 21.

Cider Partnership: Since Don was not present at the meeting, we need to talk to him about cider sales and future partnerships.  

Changes in Community Garden 2015: Possible changes include: fewer beds in the sharing portion of garden; who will manage, since Diane is stepping down; possible preparation of more plots to rent; and recruiting volunteers.

Spencer Report

Steve will talk to Scott regarding partnership/grant for construction of a gazebo that could be used for various activities.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, Nov. 17 at Community Room

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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