Minutes 2015-01-19

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes 1/19/15

Present: Members; Steve Brenner, Kathleen Swayze, Don Lyon, Peggy Purkerson. Market & Garden Manager, Diane Remior, Garden Club members Linda Scronce-Johnson& Sandy Blain also attended.

Garden Club; Linda & Sandy talked to us about the newly revived Garden Club. There is some nice overlap on their activities. We committed to partnering with Garden Tours and having at least one garden plot in the Community Garden for cut flowers. They will forward any announcement & events to their members, we will do the same.

Their meetings are the 1st Monday of the month at the Senior/ Vet Center

Minutes: Motion to approve Nov 17, 2014 minutes made by Kathleen, second by Steve. Approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report: Balance in checking $3,134.43 & $14,596.90 in savings. Selco account $511.52.

Check book available to other signing member when Treasurer is out of town for more than 5 days

Community Gardens: Next work session; Strawberry bed, Diane suggested that we mound the beds and cover with black plastic (less weeds, mildew, & bending over). Will try to meet next week at garden, weather depending.

Kathleen suggested we need 2 pitchforks, approx. $50. Told to buy them; discretionary.

Garden Manager Committee; Discussion on the direction of the Sharing Garden and the roll of the new garden manager position. With Billy sharing with Senior & Veterans center, do we want to share with Meals on Wheels & Sharing Hands?

Will we have food to share? Should we expand the plots available? Can we limit what we grow? Diane suggested the favorites are strawberries, beans, peas, radishes, spinach, & beets. We need to share from the garden to fulfill our mission. Could each board member take responsibility for one product? Steve wants strawberries, Don- asparagus & peas, Kathleen – beets & spinach. We still need direction, organization, goals, management of plot holders, a contact person. The committee will meet Don, Cheryl & Gini. Don suggested that Ali ____ may be interested in the job- what would it pay? Depends on time and demands.

Farmers Market: 2015 matching funds for SNAP program, she will apply for funds from Community Fund.

Having farmers Market at Country Music Fest may be at the Sayer Farm, Diane will pursue this idea.

The Starts Market will be on Saturdays April 25, May 9th, & May 16th.

Taking Root: Gini needs to be paid

Munch Night: Corner Café Friday, Jan 23 at 6pm. Set up 3PM. Hope to get attendance from the Calapooia Watershed.

Documenting time (in kind) & money spent by board members monthly. Peggy will set up a system for accumulating this data from board as well as other volunteers. Possibly reporting this data at the monthly board meetings or on line.

Board Member Loss: Margy & Andrew have resigned from the board

Terms are up for Cheryl & Don & Andrew 2015

Partnership with Harry MacCormack in an organization to help with transferring agricultural property from retiring farmers to younger farmers. CFA voted to host an introduction to this organization in Brownsville in March.

Don & Marco will go to a meeting on this subject with Harry Tues, the 20th. He will report next meeting.

Spencer Report Mother Earth convention is at the Albany Fairgrounds in early June. A big deal! We would like to help & have a presence in this event.

Next CFA Meeting : Feb 16, 2015

Submitted by Kathleen Swayze

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