Minutes 2015-02-16

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes 2/16/15

Present: Board Members; Steve Brenner, Kathleen Swayze, Don Lyon, Sally Lockhart, Cheryl Haworth and Gini Bramlett, FM Manager Diane Remior and new CG manager, Ally Maser.

Minutes: Motion to approve made by Kathleen, second by Steve. July 21, 2014 minutes approved

Reports: Don reported that he attended the annual Non-Profit Organization Board Training Seminar on Jan. 25, 2015. Cost to the CFA was $110 as approved by the board. He also met with Ten Rivers and Harry McCormack regarding a Farm Succession program that would create a foundation to help young people interested in farms connect with farmers wanting to retire, making it possible for farms to continue locally. The CFA has volunteered to host a trial meeting in early April. Don will write an article for the Times and Kathleen suggested inviting the media.
It was also decided that a good way to “fly the CFA flag” was for board members to volunteer assistance in whatever way is needed at the Mother Earth Fair in Albany on Saturday and Sunday, June 6-7.

New Business: The Community Foundation is looking for grant applicants. It was decided that the CFA apply for a grant for a storage shed that could be moved to the market site. Cheryl will prepare a grant request. Deadline is Apr. 30.
The CFA received a resignation notice from Margy Riggs effective immediately. Kathleen will write a letter thanking Margy for her participation and support over the years.

Treasurers Report: Cheryl went over expenses and income for 2014; total expenses were $10,541.60, and income was $15,457.86. Expenses were just barely under budget and income was approx. $4,000 over what was expected due partly to more than $1,000 in produce sales.

Farmers Market Steve sent out emails to members regarding funding that is available to farmer’s markets for equipment. It was decided that Don check into it.

Community Garden: Steve has taken over strawberry beds. At the time of the meeting the plants had not yet arrived from Indiana. It was also decided that any board member wanting to plant and care for a plot in the garden could do so, with a crop that did not compete with what vendors sell. The CG harvest would be either sold at the market or donated to various local organizations.
Diane and Don will meet this week with Ally at the garden for a walk-thru to familiarize her with the garden. Ally expressed some good ideas to get local people motivated and involved.
It was also discussed to form a committee to determine what the garden will be this year: possibly a demo plot for kids, strawberries, peas and/or other vegetables..
The 2015 Starts Market dates are Saturdays, Apr. 25, May 9 and 16. Farmer’s Markets will be held on Thursdays beginning in June from 3-7pm. Diane suggested that the four hours was necessary to make it worthwhile for vendors.
It was also decided that as many plots as possible should be rented, lessening the workload for the board and garden manager.

Taking Root- Gini’s column for Feb. 18 was mainly to promote the Munch Night movie on the merits of growing hemp in the US, its history and future. Gini also offered to write a press release with information on who can be vendors, assuage consumer’s assumptions that fresh produce sold at our market is costly, dates and times of the Starts Market and the Farmer’s Market.
It was decided that the next column would introduce new garden manager, Ally Maser.

Munch Night: The film “Bringing it Home” will be shown Friday, February 27 at 6pm at the former Corner Café along with a Soup, Salad and Bread dinner. Gini and Don (and possibly Peggy) will make soup, Don and Steve will bake bread, Cheryl will make the salad and Kathleen will make brownies, with or without hemp seeds.
Steve said he’s invited via email Andrea Herman, an instructor at OSU to our Munch Night as speaker. No reply as of yet.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, March 15, 2015 at Community Room

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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