Minutes 2015-03-15

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes 3/23/15
Present: Board Members; Steve Brenner, Kathleen Swayze, Marco Franciosa, Peggy Purkerson, Cheryl Haworth and Gini Bramlett, FM Manager Diane Remior and CG manager, Ally Maser & B’ville Garden Club Pres. Linda Scronce Johnson.

Minutes: Motion to approve corrected minutes for 2/16/15 was made by Steve, seconded by Peggy.

Treasurers Report: Cheryl reported we were down $233.07 for the year so far, but we have approximately $15,000 in savings and$2,617.16 in our checking account.

Farmers Market: Diane reported she has been contacting vendors around the area for the market. We are in need of a baker and someone who sells eggs. The plant sale is Saturdays, Apr. 25, May 9 and May 16 from 10am-2pm.
A bicycle event will be using the starts market as a stop on May 9 and will have a tent with refreshments for the riders.
Cheryl made a motion to pay Diane $100 monthly in Jan-Mar. for work on the farm market. It was seconded by Steve.
Community Garden: Ally has various projects underway; one is the drought-tolerant bed on the south side of the shed. She would like contributions. She is also developing a natural garden for education & suggested we donate the small bed to the Garden Club for its cutting garden. They would care for it and we would provide water.
Paul Marx is considering moving one of his hives into the gardens. She is also getting information from Diane so the sharing beds plantings can be rotated. Board members can choose a bed and grow a veggies/or veggies to take care of.
Kathleen and Gini offered lettuce seeds and Marco offered tons of various types. Marco also offered space on his farm for storage. Patty Linn will be putting a wish list in the Times for us, and the board discussed how to winter over the beds, possibly asking for donations of cover crop seeds.
Ally is at the garden working on Wednesday and Sundays starting at noon and stays 2-3 hours. Volunteers can join her to help with ongoing projects during those times.

Taking Root- Various ideas were discussed for future columns which include: What to plant, starts market, bees and butterfly gardens, dry land gardening, herbs, the Mother Earth Fair on June 6 and 7, and information about what produce will be offered at Marco and Kay’s store. It was also suggested to talk about the Farm Succession conference with Harry McCormack on Saturday, Apr. 4, which will be held in the Community Room in Brownsville. Gini will attend and report on it in the Times.

Munch Night: Munch Night will be held Friday, Mar. 27 at 6pm at the Corner Café building. The film is Dry Land which was filmed in Easter Oregon. Menu is a burrito bar.

New Business: Linda Scronce Johnson, pres. of the Brownsville Garden Club attended the meeting to announce that the garden club has been officially “adopted’ by the senior center under its nonprofit provisions, and now has its structuring in place. Membership is $18 annually and for those over 50 years, it includes membership in the senior center. The club will offer speakers, are planning community service projects, and are finalizing plans for the flower show during Pioneer Picnic. The garden club and the CFA will be collaborating with various projects and fundraisers, one of which will be a garden tour this summer. Dates considered for the tour are July 11/12 and 18/19.
Peggy, Steve and Don have formed a budget committee and will meet when Don returns. Marco is planning a pumpkin contest this year. Kathleen spoke with Jane McQueen about drawing up a proposal for a new sign for the Community Garden. Cost is $500. A grant to the Community Foundation will be applied for, and the CFA will pay what the grant doesn’t cover. Storage shed ideas to replace the red shed on Park Ave. were discussed. Possibilities were purchasing ready-made or having one built on site. It will be discussed further since Scott said no permanent structure with wheels was allowed.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, April 20, 2015 at Community Room

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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