Minutes 2015-09-21

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes 9/21/15

Present: Members; Steve Brenner, Kathleen Swayze, Gini Bramlett, Don Lyon, Peggy Purkerson, CG Mgr. Ally Maser, garden mgr. Diane Remior and Sally Lockhart.

Minutes: Motion to approve minutes made by Gini, seconded by Peg.

Treasurers Report: Checking account is $626.06 and Selco is $511.99 and savings is $13.598. 85. Mike, Diane’s neighbor is our new accountant and says our accounting is over complicated and will work with QuickBooks until Jan. 1, 2016 when he will start a new program.

Cheryl Haworth is no longer treasurer or on the board effective immediately. Don Lyons, Stephen Brenner, and Cheryl Haworth and Kathleen Swayze are signers for Key Bank.

Election of Officers: Kathleen has resigned as Vice President. Sally accepted resignation and Peg seconded. Kathleen was nominated for treasurer by Gini. It was seconded by Sally. Steve will serve as interim VP to the end of the year. Kathleen motioned to accept and Peg seconded.

Community Garden: Ally is working on an experimental plot for a winter garden. Work parties are planned for October. Ally is considering a tour of the CG for OSU master gardeners for garden input. Cover cropping possibilities were discussed and, ideas for decreasing water usage were discussed: raising cost for plot rentals, financial assistance from NRCS and/or improving water system.


Farmers Market: Diane has not been able to contact the Farmer’s Market coalition for reimbursement for grant. She will stay on track with this. The SNAP Match Grant has been depleted. The Soup content idea has been scrapped for lack of participation for the Salsa contest.

Taking Root: Next column will be promoting the market encouraging people to realize that our prices are much lower than what they’d pay at local grocery stores for organic produce, discussing challenges of small markets, the importance of local support (failure), and how the abnormally hot summer having an adverse affect on crop production. Another column will be on honey.

Munch Night: Scheduled for Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. Film is “Happiness if Contagious.” Theme is Soups and Breads. Cheryl Haworth will be honored for her years of service as treasurer. A gift will be presented.

Honey: Ally, Steve and Kathleen have formed a committee to plan a “Call to Artists” for artwork for a label on our honey. It will be a limited edition at a higher price. Honey will be sold at the farmer’s market, the art center, museum, Marco’s and at other local businesses. We are still in search of glass bottles for packaging.

Cider Pressing: Cider pressing will continue Wednesdays through the end of October or until apples run out at Rod and Sara Fielding’s orchard for sale at the market.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, October, 19, 2015 at the Community Room at 7pm.

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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