Minutes 2015-08-17

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes 8/ 17/15

Present: Members; Steve Brenner, Kathleen Swayze, Don Lyon, Sally Lockhart

Minutes: Motion to approve minutes made by Steve, seconded by Sally.

Treasurers Report: Checking acct 935.77, Savings $14,958.60, Selco $511.86

Community Garden: A review of Ally’s report. There was agreement with Ally’s 4 point strategies.

New crops, fall/winter planting, cover crops and mulch on empty beds, moving mulch & compost site, we agree Billy should continue moving existing compost for Sweet Home compost pickup.

The architectural drawings by Paul were very exciting but we have concerns about putting anything more on the site until we know what will be built in place of the school and whether we will be able to stay.

A small group of us will meet with Ally at the garden next week to review these ideas and move toward a more educational focus to the Sharing Garden. We would like focus on specialty gardens; herbs, dyes, dry gardens; the demonstration garden idea.


Farmers Market: Diane will be gone for 2 or 3 of the next Farmers Markets. Kathleen will meet with her and get all the pertinent info and supplies. Kathleen will do the set up and work until 4pm, then Steve and Don will cover for in between time 4- 7. Kathleen will return at 6:30 to do the close, pick up payment from vendors and do final wrap up and pack up.

Local Honey: Don is pursuing a local farm that offers wholesale local honey. Steve will work on a label. Azure sells raspberry honey for $135 for 5 gallons but we would need jars and labor in doing the jarring. Will see how much the farm is offering in 1 pint containers.

Quick Books: We are hoping that Peggy would be willing to learn Quick Books from Cheryl. No one else is able, at this point to learn it. We will ask Cheryl if possibly she would give or sell us her lap top for the program, if not we will need a lap top for use. Kathleen will talk to Diane’s neighbor, who is an accountant to see if he would be interested in being on the board or helping with the books.

Taking Root: Once we get honey a story on honey would be good, dry vegetable gardening…

Munch Night: Friday Night, Sept 25. At this 1st Munch Night we will honor Cheryl’s work and give her a planter with a drought tolerant plant in it. The film Kindness is Contagious.

CFA annual Potluck Saturday, September 12th: The annual potluck will be held at the Swayze’s home with partners welcome. This is a time to kick back, eat great food and think about where we are going and congratulate ourselves on all we have done. Family is welcome. Kathleen will be in touch about food needed on this.


Next CFA Meeting: Monday, Sept 21, 2015 at the Community Room at 7pm.

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