Minutes 2015-11-16

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes Nov. 16, 2015
Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze, Peggy Purkerson, market mgr. Diane Remior and garden mgr. Ally Maser Lisa Keith. Lisa’s participation as a new board member was voted for and approved. Welcome Lisa!
Minutes: Minutes were approved as corrected. Kathleen moved that retail and wholesale cost for honey should be the same. Peg seconded. Motion passed.
Treasurers Report: Currently there is $1,735.28 in checking, $12,999.29 in savings and 512.01 in Selco. Kathleen suggested we purchase a lap top since it would be a good time to make a purchase with all the sales happening. It was agreed and seconded by Gini. Kathleen will check prices.
So far this year, income from cider sales is $923.95 with $100 for Rod and Sara Fielding, giving us a balance of $823.95. Honey set up costs is $654. Munch Night income this year is $1,621 with costs at $276.43.
Farmer’s Market: Diane reported vendors fees were up from 2014 with a total of $1,772.54. Cider sales were up at $380.50. Honey sales were $160, and community garden sales were down at $348.39. Gross income was $2,771.18.

Community Garden: Ally reported 1,800 lbs. of food from the community garden which includes Billie’s donations. She also reported that the garden is nearly wrapped up for the season with a couple more work parties yet to happen. A date was set. Plot renters were notified to get on board to winterize their gardens as well. Steve will be pricing materials for raised beds to be built in the garden.

Taking Root: The Dec. 2 column will be on our honey project; sales, locations, “Call to Artists” and promotion. A focus on the healthy aspects of honey and to encourage shoppers to consider honey as good stocking stuffers and hostess gifts, and to look for the honey at local businesses, the museum, art center and holiday markets around town.
Cider Pressing: Rod and Sara are still Ok with the project, but need help with pruning/tree care now that the season is over. Don will be organizing work parties after his trip. Peg suggested workshops for pruning and pressing to encourage help, but we need to talk to Sara first. Don also suggested a possible partnership with Thompson Mills. They are planting cider varieties for pressing and possibly hard cider.
Honey Project: Only 2 submissions have been submitted for the Call to Artist project. To encourage more response, Gini will post information on various local Facebook pages. The board decided to go forward with the submissions we have to encourage more participation. Kathleen plans to meet with people at the museum and other businesses for honey sales and placement.
Munch Night: No Munch Night in November or December. Potential speaker for the Jan. 22 Munch Night is owner of “The Mushroomery” with a mushroom dinner theme. Kathleen will contact.

New Business: The CFA has partnered with the Brownsville Garden Club, to host the garden tour taking place Saturday, June 25, 2016. The CFA will receive half the profits in return for providing assistance with parking, setting up etc…

Don and Peg have been attending the Ford Foundation leadership Training, which recommends a retreat every 3-5 years to revisit the mission of a board. Don proposed a retreat in January to discuss what our mission is, and what direction we want to go. Peg is also working on a manual outlining the duties of board members. Date to come.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, Jan. 18, 2016 at Community Room. No meeting in December.
Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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