Minutes 2016-01-18

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes, Jan. 18, 2016

Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze, Peggy Purkerson and Lisa Keith, Market Mgr. Diane Remior and Garden Mgr. Ally Maser

Minutes: Minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurers Report: As of Dec. 31, 2015, there is $1361.45 in checking, $16,999.7 in Key savings and 531.10 in Selco CU.

Communications: Don wrote a thank you to Mario Franciosa for his services as a board member. He no longer attends.

Elections: The board elected Peg Purkerson as Vice President. Steve served as the interim. Lisa was appointed Munch Night archivist.

Farmer’s Market: Diane talked about the Small Farm Conference to be held at OSU on Saturday, Feb. 20. Diane and Gini will be attending. After the conference, Diane will be report on the new laws concerning baked items for farm markets.

Seed to Supper: Coming up is Seed to Supper classes held in conjunction with OSU Extension. The weekly classes, taught in Brownsville by Don Lyon and another local Master Gardener, are for adults with little or no gardening experience who would like to grow some of their own food.

Community Garden: Ally has been brainstorming goals and projections to be discussed at the retreat in February. She also reported that the garden has used 55,000 gallons of water this year. She needed details on the overage to determine plot rentals. She plans to monitor water usage more closely.

Steve is making a materials list for the raised bed project for strawberries. Billie’s husband offered to build the beds. Steve will check in with him to see if he had plans for the construction.

Ally also told the board she had been in contact with Sue Fraser and the high school Ag teacher regarding plans to entice students in assisting in the garden, possible even giving them a plot to manage. Kathleen suggested Ally contact the home school association to see if they might be interested as well.

Taking Root: Gini received input from board members for future columns. They include: the upcoming Small Farm Conference in Corvallis, proper watering, the Seed to Supper classes in Brownsville, mushrooms, to correspond with our February Munch Night, Ten Rivers Farm Succession, and after the retreat, goals of the CFA.

Cider Pressing: Don reported on the pruning workshops Sara and Rod Fielder’s farm. Two Saturdays were chosen: Jan. 30 and Feb. 13. Don and Rick will instruct the Jan. class and Ross Penhallagon, orchardist with OSU Extension will teach in February. The fee of $20 will be waived if attendees help prune the orchard for 2 hours following instruction. The board felt the classes were a benefit to the community, helped the Fielders and the CFA which pressed apples for cider.

Honey Project: Kathleen reported the initial financial outlay for materials for the project was rather s lot, but that it would be carried over until next year. Also, various local artists have contributed artwork for the special edition labels.

Garden Tours: Kathleen reported that the CFA will assist in promotion for the Brownsville Garden Club’s June 25 garden tour. As flyers are printed, the CFA will help promote and distribute.

CFA Retreat: The board will meet Sat. Feb. 24 from 10am-2pm at Don’s home on Kirk Ave. in Brownsville. The subjects will be the future of community outreach, the farm market and community garden, and the CFA’s mission and vision.

Munch Night: The owner of “The Mushroomery” will be speaker along with a mushroom dinner theme.

New Business: Steve reported that he had consolidated our various websites.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, Feb. 15, 2016 at Community Room.

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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