Minutes 2016-02-15

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes, Feb 15, 2016

Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Kathleen Swayze, Sally Lockheart, Peggy Purkerson . Market Mgr. Diane Remior and Garden Mgr. Ally Maser

Minutes: Minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurers Report: As of Feb 15,2016 there is $1601.05 in checking, $17,000 in Key savings and 513.16 in Selco CU. Kathleen reported that our new Quicken software is still be integrated with 2015 financials and will be working fine soon.

Elections/ Board business: still need new board members, will discuss in more detail at retreat.

Farmer’s Market: Starts Market dates were discussed: April 23rd, April 30th and May 7th. Small Farm Conference to be held at OSU Friday 19th and Saturday, Feb. 20. Diane and Gini will be attending.

Events :

                  Seed to Supper: Coming up is Seed to Supper classes held in conjunction with OSU Extension. Every Wednesday for 6 weeks. Don Lyon is one of the instructors.

Pruning Workshops: Don reported 21 people from near and far attended the Feb 13th pruning session at Rod and Sarah’. Also mentioning it was a great show of community building and good will for all the Rod and Sarah do for the CFA. Don has two more workshops planned.

Community Garden: Steve reported that 4 raised strawberries beds have been built and the planting has begun with 2 lines in each bed. “Planting party” tomorrow Tuesday 2-4pm in the garden. Garden agreement with Billie to be negotiated to ensure produce for the sharing (community booth) garden and satisfaction for Billie.

Goals for 2016 garden year:

Water conservation a must: do we provide educational info about water use. Steve show Ally how to read meter

Sharing garden:

Plot ideas:$25 a row

Need to charge more for plots suggested $60 per year $70 for fixed up plot

Billie has 4 plots, 5 other plots available

Demo garden in triangle plot

Make our own dirt

Encourage dry-land farming

Taking Root: Gini was absent, so nothing to report.

Honey Project: Honey is back in the Art Center, Kathleen is still looking to sell at Pioneer Villa. Discussed selling at Thompson Mill.

CFA Retreat: The board will meet Sat. Wed Feb 24th from 10am-2pm at Don’s home on Kirk Ave. in Brownsville. The subjects will be the future of community outreach, the farm market and community garden, and the CFA’s mission and vision.

Munch Night: This event has not been doing as well as in the past. Feb date 19th at the Maze. We will showing Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, Food will be “Nummy Bowls”

Seed Exchange: At Gini’s house on Feb 29th 9-5.

New Business

Budget discussion: FM needs: New Canopy and cover New “chalk board and new paint. BCF grant application suggestions: for portable garden structure. Grants are due March 31, 2016. Also, discussed the need for fundraising, perhaps a big event.

Need three budget committee member.

Communication: we all agreed the need to advertise, market and get the word out regarding our programs and events. Will discuss at retreat.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, March 14, 2016 at Community Room.

Submitted by Peggy Purkerson for Gini Bramlett

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