Minutes 2016-03-14

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes March 14, 2016

Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Peggy Purkerson and Lisa Keith; Market Mgr. Diane Remior and Garden Mgr. Ally Maser.

Minutes: Minutes were taken by Peggy Purkerson last month since Gini Bramlett was absent. They were presented at the meeting rather than mailed so they weren’t read ahead of time as per usual. As a result discussion was postponed until next month.

Treasurers Report: Bank balances as of March 13, 2016 are: Key bank checking $1,633.07, Key bank savings $17,000.27, Selco $512.21and Selco membership $5.00.

Elections: The board elected Peg Purkerson as Vice President. Steve served as the interim. Lisa was appointed Munch Night archivist.

Farmer’s Market: Discussion was about the new food regulations for jarred items and breads/baked goods. Only 3 canning books are approved by OSU for selling canned items at markets, which Diane reported eliminated all but one of the items she now sells. We decided after a short discussion that risk of people becoming ill was so negligible for breads and baked goods that we would go ahead and allow it. Diane and Gini would put together copies of regulations to provide for each vendor to negate liability to the food alliance.

Diane is applying for a $300 grant from BCF.  $50 of that amount is for the kid’s tokens and the rest is for Snap Match. Gini will apply for a BCF grant to cover costs of replacing some of the canopies used at the market that were destroyed by a storm.

An article on how-to-have-a-successful-farm-market article will be copied by Steve so each vendor can get a copy before the market begins. The article covered issues from a good presentation to people skills.

Diane is also trying to contact OSU regarding an educational program with Ball/Kerr/Jarden Home Brands which provides canning supplies, and OSU a Master Canner to demonstrate canning at the market.

A small version of the seed swap will be promoted to coincide with the first Thursday Market which will begin on May 5.

Brownsville Community Foundation: It was decided to apply for 4 individual smaller grants from Brownsville Community Foundation to help pay for: 1. replacing damaged canopies, 2. $50 for farm market tokens, 3. new community garden structure, and 4. new CFA brochures. One person will apply for each grant by Mar. 31. We are hoping that to get at least 2 grants and go for the remainder next year.

CFA Brochures: A committee met to plan for the new CFA brochures. Don will apply for a BCF grant when the committee sends the cost structure for printing and other costs.

Seed to Supper: Don reported that the first class of six of OSU Seed to Supper classes was well attended.

Seed Swap: The seed swap held at Gini’s home drew fewer people than expected but new faces were present. It was decided that with no cost to the alliance and Gini didn’t mind holding it at her home annually; it was a goodwill gesture to continue and a good presence in the community. It was also decided that getting email addresses at events like this is important.

Community Garden: Don read the new garden agreement with the city, and asked for input before signing. CFA will present a new agreement to the CL School District on April 11. Scott helped with the documentation with one change. Don will present the change to Scott at the next school board meeting.

Ally reported lots of interest in the garden plots with only one large plot and a few individual rows still not rented. She also requested that someone with machinery come and plow 3 of the beds since they are quite weedy and renters would like to begin planting. It was suggested we see if Dee Swayze can do this when he returns from a trip, possibly next week.

A short work party will be scheduled soon. Ally will contact us with date and time. She also passed around drawings of the new covered structure planned for the garden. Cost is a bit over $1000.00 for materials. She will apply for a grant from the BCF for it and check into any permits required. Don suggested outreach to the community to help build it.

Taking Root: The next column will be about the changes at the market and the Buyers Club.

Munch Night: Film is “Chasing “and food theme is “Burrito Bar.” Food assignments were recorded by Lisa Keith. Munch Night is Friday, Mar. 18, 16. Gini suggested “That Sugar Film“for the next Munch Night, Apr. 22. It was agreed. No food theme was discussed at this time.

New Business: The new name for the market Facebook page will incorporate the market and the garden. The new name of the page will be “Brownsville Garden and Thursday Market.” Another pruning workshop will take place at an orchard in Albany. This is a fundraiser for the alliance with a $350. Reimbursement is from the owner of the orchard.

Ford Foundation: Alexis, a speaker from the Ford Foundation offered to come to our community to talk about how to get volunteers, social media and compliance if enough board members are willing to commit. Breakfast and lunch would be provided. This would probably have to be before June when things get busy at the garden and market.

The group decided to incorporate the Amazon Smile Foundation into our fundraising activities. When making Amazon purchases, by typing AmazonSmile; .05 percent of your purchase will go to our organization. Plans are underway for Steve to make that happen after discussion with Kathleen (treasurer).

MCFA Mission: Don asked that everyone send him what they have so he can incorporate it into one document; mission statement and tag line.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, Apr. 22, at Community Room, although Lisa advocated a more relaxing location. A concern is that we are a public organization and that we might want to meet in a public place keeping it official Discussion will continue regarding who would host. Don is sending an email to the board for more input before a decision is made.

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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