Minutes – 2016-04-11

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes April 11, 2016

Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze, Sally Lockhart, and Lisa Keith; Market Mgr. Diane Remior and Garden Mgr. Ally Maser. Peggy Purkerson was absent.

Minutes: Sally made a motion to approve minutes for March 2016, Lisa seconded. The February minutes were taken by Peggy in Gini’s absence. Motion was made to approve by Kathleen and seconded by Lisa.

Treasurers Report: Presently, there is $1,496.79 in checking; $17,000.56 in savings and $512.26 in SELCO account. The board went over the profit and Loss statement for 2016 through March. This year’s projected budget was also discussed and changes were made accordingly. Motion to accept changes was made by Lisa and seconded by Gini. Net income was $175.41 from January to April 7, 2016.

A motion was made by Sally and seconded by Lisa to spend $114 for Steve to purchase the Excel program for the bookkeeper. The program used now is convoluted and confusing to all.

Farmer’s Market: Diane requested some of the new flyers, when ready, to put into the Pak Snak bags that go home with school kids. She also reported that the Tablet contract is up and is no longer needed since the EBT can do that same thing. The Tablet will be removed from her account.

Kathleen will be ordering the canopy for the market. The full canopy and poles kit has been purchased from Costco. Set up will be Tues. May 3 at 2pm.

Diane has contacted OSU Extension. They are enthusiastic about doing demos and sampling at our markets. She is brainstorming ideas for giveaways w/purchase at the market such as free jar lids with strawberries.

The Sweethome farm market website has a listing of local businesses that financially support them, and Diane suggested we consider asking our local businesses for same.

Discussion continued about purchasing a portable shed or trailer to store equipment on site. Kathleen will talk to the property owner to get her OK, and Steve will check on cost of various sizes of said trailer/shed.

Brownsville Community Foundation: Two of the CFA applications were accepted for grants; we received $1,100 for the Community Garden to build a movable covered structure, and a $300 SNAP grant for the market.

CFA Brochures: The new CFA tri-fold brochures, capable of being printed as separate pages, are about done. Ally will do a final refinement this week, then send to the committee for final approval. Printing will be done free thru the city.

Seed to Supper: A potluck is planned for the last class on Wednesday, April 13. The class had good attendance and gave positive feedback.

Community Garden: Don reported that Scott said there was no property agreement between the city and the community garden (CFA) regarding usage, but the new owners are encouraging and would like to see the garden remain.

Ally reported a slow start with plot renters getting into action, but that most of the plots are rented. She had good news about a new couple who also took the Seed to Supper class that Don and Louise taught. She felt they could be ‘lifers” at the garden.

She has also planned weekly work parties at the garden. Decisions need to be made on what to do with the CFA plots and the unrented ones. She also plans to talk to Billie to see if an elderly friend will again can haul away the brush pile.

Possibly six more timers may be needed, and Ally will verify that before making a purchase.

Kathleen suggested getting sawdust from the pellet mill for paths and garden plot edging. Don will get some with “Old Yeller.”

Ally will be checking with the school board to see if it’s ok to begin building the new structure in the garden. Materials can then be purchased and construction began.

Taking Root: The next column will be to encourage the community to shop at the Thursday market on May 5.

Stand By Me: Kathleen reported that the CFA will host a booth, which cost $50 at the July event. She suggested we all consider non perishable items to sell. We will also have a “Stand By Bee” label just for this day. Diane offered to check into finding more honey to bottle.

Munch Night: Film is “Wasteland” and food theme is “Soup.” on Friday, Apr. 15 at the Maze. The time will change in May to 7pm from 6pm because of the time change. Food assignments were recorded by Lisa.

Mother Earth Fair: Organizers have asked for volunteers to do demos and talks at the event on June 4-5 in Albany. Don spoke with Linn and Chris from the Sharing Garden about doing a presentation. Volunteers are needed to man the booth we get at no cost for helping at the fair.

Ford Foundation: Alexis, a speaker from the Ford Foundation will talk about how to get volunteers, social media and compliance on Thursday, Apr. 8 from 5-8pm with a free dinner. Don urged board members to attend all or part. He will be sending more information via email.

Amazon Smile Foundation: The CFA is now part of this Amazon Smile fundraiser. When making Amazon purchases simply type in a coded URL, and .5 percent of your purchases go to the CFA. Gini will write a press release for the next issue of the Times and promote it on Facebook.

Old Business: A pruning fundraiser took place at an orchard in Albany owned an elderly woman who needs help. This fundraiser, thanks to Don, Lisa, Ally and Steve, earned $350 for the CFA.

Kathleen reminded us to keep the Garden Club’s June 25 Garden Tour on our calendars. We are supporting their efforts by helping answer questions, hosting, etc….

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, May 16 at Community Room. It was voted to continue this location for board meetings, reserving the option of holding other meetings/retreats at individual homes.

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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