Minutes 2016-07-18

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes July 18, 2016

Present: Board members: Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze, Lisa Keith and Sally Lockhart. Since Don was absent, Kathleen presided. An informal meeting was held since there wasn’t a quorum. Minutes: Steve made a motion to approve minutes for May 2016, Lisa seconded.

Treasurers Report: Savings balance is $1,886.59. Balance in Selco is $512.41, Saving balance is $5 and Key Bank savings total is $17,001.40.

Farmer’s Market: Marjie Riggs donated $500 towards the POP program which is going strong. There were other donations as well. Gini wrote a “thank you” along with a photo featuring the POP kids’ drawings posted at the market for the Times. Diane will give a more detailed report at our next meeting since she is on vacation.


Community Garden: Gina and Ally tilled and covered unused beds with newspaper and cardboard to keepdown weeds. Corn will be planted on another unused bed by Billie.

Water usage is down, possibly due to cooler weather.

Permits for the garden structure have been applied for with the city. When costs are known, we can continue. Volunteers need to be assembled for building. Asking enough people to help should get the job done quickly.

Gini has expressed interest in teaching a seed saving class at the garden if enough people show interest. Once the shelter is up, it would be a good place to hold things like this.

Ally propose the idea of a celebration of the garden and the shelter in August or September as a fundraiser. She suggested music, potluck, and fall garden showcase. She will contact Pami with OSU MGs to help w. promotion and possibly some demos. it was suggested that this might be a oppportunity for the kickoff for Munch Night.

Billie is interested in purchasing old soaker hoses no longer in use. Those present suggested charging a small stipend to deter gardeners from thinking they can help themselves to unused garden items.

A pile of branches under the trees near the garden entrance needs removal. We’ll see if Don’s Old Yeller will be back in business soon to tackle that job.

We briefly discussed theft at the garden and decided to put it on the agenda for the next meeting when the whole group is present, although Steve will be contacting the sherrif regarding the theft of hoses, the sprayer wand and other items. He will also be marking all items with permanent marker.


Taking Root: Gini’s column this week focuses on why it’s important to save seeds. She ended with a request for interested readers would to contact her for a possible class this fall. She also requested we save our extra seed for a seed exchange in the fall at the market.

Stand By Me: In addition to selling Bit O’ Honey candy, honey and honey stix, the members present opted to sell coke in retro bottles if Lisa can get them for a decent price, and bottled water, which no one else is offering

Steve is making price signage, Sally is bringing the large CFA sign, Kathleen will drop off supplies and merchandise and Gini will bring a table or two and two ice chests. Ice will be purchased from Debbie at the liquor store.

We will all meet at 9:30, if possible, for credit card instruction. Set up is 10-11am. Take down will be a combined effort. The schedule is as follows: Sally-11 to 1pm; Peg-1 to 3 pm; Gini-3 to 5 pm.


Cider pressing/Boston Mill: The mill store is no longer operating due to lack of volunteers, but plans are in process to make it happen possibly next year. We will work on the logistics of honey sales. There was also a brief discussion regarding our potential partnership with the mill for cider making/liability etc…. Some expressed concern of taking on this and cider pressing at the Fielder’s. More on that at the next meeting.


New Biz– Lisa remindeded those present of her idea to open a year ’round market in the Key Bank bldg. and would like some support from the CFA. Bob Anderson has offered her a discount on rent. She said she already has nine people wanting to be a part and has plans for a certified kitchen. She will be writing a detailed proposal outlining what she might need from the CFA to make this happen.

Kudos goes out to our esteemed market manager for her idea for the new market counters. They have been working fabulously and cut down a lot of work tranferring tables from the red shed. Thanks so much Diane!

Next CFA Meeting: No meeting in August, but the annual potluck will be at Kathleen’s on the 15 at 6pm. Next meeting is September 19 at the Community Room.

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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