Minutes 2016-09-19

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes Sept. 19, 2016

Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze, Lisa Keith, Peg Purkerson and Sally Lockhart. MG Louise DeFazio also attended. Ally Maser, garden mgr. And Diane Remior, mkt mgr. Were absent. Minutes: Steve made a motion to approve minutes for July 2016, Lisa seconded.

Treasurers Report: Checking balance is $1,101.93. Balance in Selco is $512.51, Saving balance is $5 and Key Bank savings total is $17,001.98. The CFA also received a credit of $172.00 from EBT. The Key Bank Savings balance was discussed after Sally asked what this money was for. Kathleen said that we do need to start using some of the money for needed projects. The treasurers report was approved.

Farmer’s Market: The quilt blocks, painted by local kids who visited the market this summer has been sewn together by Ila’s daughter, Eunice. Diane suggested paying Eunice to finish the quilt for the CFA to either auction it or sell raffle tickets as a fundraiser. Diane and Gini will shop for needed materials.

Hiring a new market manager was discussed. A copy of the job description will be emailed to board members to peruse. Steve, Peg and Gini will meet to go over it, then conference with Diane. Gini will then write an ad for The Times and post on Facebook.

Steve reported his progress on the new roof on our market sign.

Community Garden: The building permit for the garden structure was approved by the city. Jim Bidel has been enlisted as primary contract for the project with mostly volunteers for the actual hands-on work. It will be necessary to enlist more volunteers. Don will contact Jim for a material’s estimate. Completion estimate is Oct. 15, 2016.

A tiller was purchased from the Remiors for $200. The plan is to revise the garden bed shapes for more efficient rentability.
Kathleen will purchase a Costco canopy with sides to be used in the shed area.

Ron and Gini Bramlett donated plywood to be used as a structure to hang hoses etc…

Abandoning the beetle bed was also discussed. Most thought it a good idea.

Taking Root Column: Gini’s more recent columns were fall/winter gardening and preparing the garden for winter. The next column will tell readers about OSUs Brownbag series and other OSU/MG programs/workshops and collaboration with the CFA.

Cider pressing/Boston Mill: About nine gallons of cider was served at Rod Fielder’s memorial that was pressed and bottled by a group of about 25 volunteers.
Don is holding a hard cider workshop on Oct. 1 for $35. He estimates a profit of $3-400.00 for the CFA. Kathleen suggested creating fliers to promote the workshop.
The city has asked the CFA to do a fundraiser cider pressing outside city hall on Arbor Day. Guests would buy a box of apples picked from the Fielder’s farm, press their own with assistance, then take home cider.
Cider pressing at Boston Mil l is on hold under further notice.

New Biz- Lisa asked for CFA assistance of a donation of $1-200.00 a month to help offset her expenses for her year ’round co-op ”Abundance.” In return the food alliance/market vendors would receive discounts to use a future certified kitchen, good deals on personal sales of items in the shop, and use of space for meetings/workshops and our monthly Munch Night fundraisers.
Board members were wanting the proposal to work, but were unsure that the space was an adequate venue for Munch Night. All agreed to scout the space with that activity in mind before the next meeting.

Munch Night: Next Munch Night is Friday, Oct. 21 at 7pm. Theme is Harvest From the Garden. Details will be decided at the next board meeting.

Next meeting is Monday, Oct. 17 at 7 pm.

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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