Minutes 2016-10-17

Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Peggy Purkerson, Kathleen Swayze and MG Louise Fassio as well as Ally Maser, garden manager and Diane Remior, market manager. Lisa Keith and Sally Lockhart were absent.

Minutes: Kathleen made a motion to approve minutes for Sept 2016. It was passed.

Treasurers Report: Kathleen emailed copies of the accounting for the market year. Peg had questions that couldn’t be answered, so Kathleen suggested she talk to the accountant. Steve made a motion to approve. Peggy seconded. Motion was approved.

Community Garden: Ally recorded water numbers at the garden with 58,000 gallons used. This was better conserving water than last year, but we still need to tighten up a bit more. It showed an extra 3,000 gallons we will have to pay was recorded after the rains began, so we are considering the possibility of a leak.

Ally is encouraging plot renters to have their gardens cleaned up by month’s end.

We will need to keep an eye out for dry weather for cleanup after the storm.

Don has garlic to plant at the garden to sell at the market next summer. It’ll be planted in Ally’s plot.

Garden structure-the holes and concrete are done. Steve is working on modifying the parts list and waiting for a break in the weather to install uprights. Jim Bitle will be invited to come to oversee the upright installation, then will be installing the roof.

Ally has officially resigned as garden manager:

I have been proud to be a part of the CFA through holding the community garden manager position. I fell like I have helped gather new support in the garden and provided room for fresh initiative, especially through my focus o n gathering plot renters as the base of garden life. We have held the garden tour there, and last year’s party at the garden was a great success, although the labor that occurs at the garden seem to disappear as fast as clean earth does from from weeds. The work accomplished at each season left me proud. I have been glad to help provide my own perspective to this where I hope continues to provide people with with a space for positive interaction with their community, garden education, and general peace and pride. This is the path of experience, and the work is ongoing. I have become a part of the garden and look forward to continuing my involvement as a potential board member of the CFA, a definite volunteer, and a potential plot renter, should time provide. I am resigning from my role as Community Garden Manager at the end of this season. I will make myself available with the process of obtaining and “training” a new manager, and would love and would love to provide support in modifying the roles of my position through my feedback. I will gladly be of service through this process,a and thank you all for your support in my time in your garden manager role.” Sincerely, Ally Maser

Farmer’s Market: Hiring a new market manager was briefly discussed. Gini will send copies of the newly written market manager position to all members to peruse for changes and/or corrections. It will be discussed at the November meeting, then the information will go out to The Times, CFA Website and other media.

Taking Root Column: Suggestions were a garden book review, gardener gift ideas and links to seed catalogs as possible for late season/holiday column ideas.

Cider pressing/Arbor Day: We had a good turn out with $165 profit from cider. Don will be sending out announcements to former hard cider students to try and sell the remaining cider. He will bring some to Munch Night to serve with our meal and to sell.

The most recent hard cider project had 7 participants garnering approx. $200 for the CFA . Don proposed creating a hard cider culture in our area.

Thompson’s MillsDon Ware is new president of the Friends of Thompson’s Mills which opens up an opportunity for a cider pressing connection.

New Biz– Last meeting, Lisa officially asked the CFA for a donation of $1-200.00 a month to help offset her expenses for her year ’round co-op ”Abundance.” In return the food alliance/market vendors would receive discounts for use of a not-yet-completed certified kitchen, deals on personal sales of items in the shop, use of space for meetings and workshops, and our monthly Munch Night fundraisers.

The board discussed the need to have clarification on discounts and use of kitchen and when it would be available for use. It was also discussed how much need we would have for a certified kitchen.

Regarding use of kitchen, does it include market vendors and/or CFA members or just the board members?

How would this really help us? We also discussed the need to find out the legalities of subsidizing a board member. After discussion, it was agreed that this could fulfill the CFA mission, but asked ourselves, “How would funding Lisa help most rather than just a few?”

It was agreed to see how well Munch Night works in that space. If it does, we would gather answers to our above questions, and if agreeable, write a proposal and move forward.

Munch Night: Next Munch Night is Friday, Oct. 21 at 6pm at Abundance co-op. The theme is Harvest From the Garden. Arrive at Abundance w. long tables at 4pm to set up.

Menu: Sally- pumpkin mousse and bread; Gini – butternut squash and mushroom pasta and cuke salad; Don-pumpkin soup and fresh cider; Kathleen-hearty minestrone and/or Chili Rellenos; Steve-bread; Peg-fresh apple cake; Louise-pumpkin cheesecake; Ally-green salad.

Next meeting is Monday, Nov. 21 at 7pm.

Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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