Minutes 2016-11-14

CFA minutes  

Nov. 14,2016

Present: Don, Kathleen, Steve, Peggy, Sally

Motion to approve October minutes made by Kathleen seconded by Peggy

Treasurer’s report: checking account balance is $5,585.19 as of October 30th Key savings is $16,802.54 SELCO credit union account has $512.61. Kathleen reported the reason our checking account looking so goodis due to a donation of $5,000 by Margie.

Community Garden: final cost of Garden structure:$979 + $25 + $330 for Jim’s labor. Minus the $1000 dollars from the grant. Don will be giving a final report to the Brownsville Community Foundation. We may possibly need to put a floor inside the structure, in the meantime we will use chips. Thank you to Don and Steve for all their hard work in setting up and getting the roof on the structure. Thank you for Ally, Sally and Kathleen for putting up the canopy

Winter Clean up: The water’s been shut off but not blown out. The city will invoice for our water bill.

We will be discussing the Garden Manager position and future of garden at the retreat in January.

Thursday market report: The hiring process has begun with a look at the market manager job description. The committee consists of Gini, Peggy Steve and Diane. We all agreed there was much to discuss about the future of the market and will table the discussion until the board retreat in January

Munch night: We now have a permanent home for Munch Night at Randy’s Main Street Coffee. Setup 4:30. The film is Blue Gold about clean water scarcity and water rights. Notify Watershed Council. Baked Potato Night: We discussed menu before the official start of the meeting. We will ask attendees how they heard of munch night in an effort to discern the best use of our advertising dollars: Times ad, Gini’s column, Don’s news brief, Mail chimp etc.

Lisa Keith has requested to be moved from the CFA Board. Motion to accept her resignation by Don and seconded by Sally.

Motion, to not approve CFA involvement in the proposed community kitchen or to use the site for our Munch Nights located Abundance Boutique & Co at this time. We may revisit this proposal in the future. Don made Motion and Sally seconded. all approved.

Ally Maser   asked to be considered for a board member position . Kathleen made motion to approve Ally Maser’s nomination to Board, seconded by Sally, All approved.

January 11th at 1 p.m. for retreat at Don’s house will just be snacks. no meal

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