Minutes 2017-03-13

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes Mar. 13, 2017
Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze and Ally Maser
Minutes: Minutes were approved by Kathleen and seconded by Steve.
Treasurers Report: Currently there is $5482.77 in checking, $16,803.65 in savings and 512.80 in Selco.
Community Garden: Don and Kathleen met with Brian Gardener with Corvallis Neighborhood Housing Services on Monday, Feb. 20. The hope is they will buy the school property and encourage the community garden Kathleen reported that they seemed excited about the garden
Don wrote a report on behalf of the CFA for the city newsletter, and a few changes were made before mailing. He will also be writing an invitation letter to plot renters with information about costs and policies. A copy will be sent to Steve to include on our Website

Taking Root: Future columns suggested were the starts market and getting the spring garden going.
Thursday Market: The Starts Market begins April 27 along with seasonal produce and other items. With the new name and policy changes we are striving for more and diverse vendors selling handmade and locally produced arts and crafts staying in tune with a farmer’s market.
Gini is writing an invitation letter to be emailed to vendors regarding some of the changes to the market and is attaching an application and a copy of vendor rules and regs, along with the CFA Website. A copy will be sent to Steve for the Website.
Kathleen suggested joining forces with the Art Center for the starts market kick-off. No details were discussed.
Munch Night: Nummy Bowls on Friday, Mar. 17 at 6pm at Randy’s. Movie is,“How to Cook Your Life” by Zen Master Edward Espy Brown. Next Munch Night is April 21. The film “Eagle Huntress” was discussed as a possibility for next Munch Night, and Gini planned to talk with Bill Sattler to consider speaking about gardening. as an alternative to the film.

New Horizon’s Film Gathering: It was decided to keep the date of Mar. 24 in the community room for now even though it is only a week after Munch Night. A day change was discussed. Various film choices were also discussed.

New Business: Kathleen purchased and placed colorful signage around town at various locations to promote Munch Night. Two were tampered with the day after placement. Kathleen said the sign maker told her they’d never had problems with the signs in Brownsville before, so we are hopeful it was an isolated incident and there will be no more issues.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, Apr. 17, 2017 at Community Room.
Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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