Minutes 2017-04-17

 Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes Apr. 17, 2017

Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze .and Peggy Purkerson

Minutes: Minutes were approved by Kathleen and seconded by Peggy.

Treasurers Report: Currently there is $5256.12 in checking, $16,803 in savings and $512.85 plus $5.00 in Selco.

Community Garden: The board agreed with expenditures for a new projector for $500 and hiring out the weeding to reliable workers she and Dee hire to help on their own property.

Plot rent prices were discussed. Fees will be 50 cents a running foot for 4′ wide beds and 12.5 cents a running foot for beds larger than 4′ wide resulting in a 40×4 bed being $20 per season thru Feb. Plot renters would be required to maintain their respective plots which would include weeding,and mulching.

Peg agreed to purchase black plastic for the beds and Gini will check the garden regularly for possible harvest to sell at the market.

The board will meet on Friday, April 21 to erect canopies near the front of the market grounds. Canopies will be moved to their former spot at the back of the grounds when it’s drier.

Taking Root: Future columns suggested were the starts market and getting the spring garden going.

Thursday Market: The Starts Market begins April 27 along with seasonal produce and other items. Gini planned to called former vendors to verify participation in the 2017 market. Steve planned to correct last year’s “starts” ad that is to be placed in the next 2 issues of the Times.

Munch Night: is Friday Apr. 21 at Randy’s Main St. Coffee. Speaker is Steve VanSandt who will share his knowledge of gardening in the continually fluctuating NW weather and chaotic climate conditions. Menu is Soups, salad, breads and desserts.

New Horizon’s Film Gathering: The next date, May 5 at 7pm will coincide with Brownsville’s First Friday event and Cinco de Mayo. The board has considered changing the date to June 2. More discussion at the next meeting. The film choice is “Surviving Progress”.

New Business: Kathleen addressed insurance liability issues for the garden, and a search for good insurance was discussed. The subject is tabled for now.

Kathleen also updated the board on the Tamal Workshops at the kitchen in the old elementary school that the CFA is helping promote for Dennis, the class’s instructor. More workshops may be slated.

Don informed the board of the $500 grant received from BCF to use toward the construction of the CG platform.

Don brought up the idea of the CFA being a part of the Pioneer Picnic parade by decorating “old Yeller.” The idea was met affirmatively. More to discuss at next meeting

Don attended a discussion at Randy’s with Phi Barnhardt and other community members regarding the state’s “Recreational immunity” law. The law would remove liability for the state at parks and other state-owned facilities but would leave employees of said facilities wide open for law suits. Barnhart and Beyer stated that the Recreational Immunity situation was expected to be corrected so that public employees and board members of entities such as CFA would not be more subject to lawsuits than they had been in the past.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, May 15, 2017 at Community Room.

Submitted by Gini Bramlett


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