Minutes 2017-08-28

Calapooia Food Alliance Minutes Aug. 28, 2017
Present: Board members: Don Lyon, Steve Brenner, Gini Bramlett, Kathleen Swayze and Sally Lockhart.

Minutes: Kathleen made a motion to approve minutes. Minutes were seconded by Steve. All approved.

Treasurers Report: Kathleen reported $4,488.68 in checking; $16,805.68 in Key Bank; and $513.05 in Selco. Expenses were $110 for signage. Bob Anderson donated $500. Kathleen will to talk with him about being on the board.
Community Garden: Don reported the garden party mildly successful. The countless deer and insect issues most gardeners have experienced this yer has not be present at the garden.
Don reported that he and Steve have been hogging all the manual labor at the new platform and announced that from now on, it is an equal opportunity event. It was suggested we hiring someone to dig up sod. Kathleen will look for someone. Steve will list requirements and supervise. The delay in moving this project forward has been the heat and aged workers.
Sally brought up the topic of the out-of-control weeds in the herb garden, and how labor intensive caring for it has become. Does the effort to maintain it balance the little it is actual used? The result was that Don isn’t ready to relinquish it completely and suggested we just try and keep down some of the more invasive weeds. Sally asked what to do about the bindweed. (The suggestion was to have Gini come up with recipes).
We also discussed a cover crop for some of the covered beds to see how effective it might be. Kathleen suggested we think of ways of using Miguel’s help in the garden.

Taking Root: This week’s column was Fall and Winter Gardening. Gini suggested that she write a brief for The Times encouraging growers and crafters who may only have one or two items and bring them to the market for us to sell at a community table.

Thursday Market: Sally made the suggestion that we purchase another canopy to allow all or most of the vendors to be under cover to avoid having to drag tables and canopies in the heat of the afternoon. This would also give the market a more expanded look. The board vote was unanimous to make the purchase. Don will bring an additional table to the market for vendor use. The blue water station was stolen from the market location a couple weeks ago. It was decided that Gini would purchase 2 smaller containers for ease of moving back and forth for storage.
Sandy Mooers Kayner, the market property’s new owner, assured us of use of the location for the remainder of this season. The board discussed the possibility of the need to move for next season. One consideration was Ferry Park and possibly looking into partnering with the city to build a permanent structure to share with the community. Steve suggested trying for a grant.
Munch Night- Debra, a friend of Anna Marx, will present an herbal talk on Friday, Oct. 20 at Randy’s. Don said he’d check to verify. No Munch Night in Sept. Too many board members will be unavailable.

New Horizon’s Film Gathering:No film until Oct 6. Steve said he’d find a film and handle publicity.

Cider Pressing: Wed. Aug. 30 is the first pressing of apples and Asian pears. Cider will be sold at this week’s market. The plan is to see how sales are, then get back to it when Don returns from Turkey (Oct. 8).

Don reported that the mill pressing project will not happen. The Parks Dept. is not on board now, and the mill board would require a conditional use permit for the project.

New Business: We’ll be printing 100 new brochures to eliminate irrelevant information. Steve will revise and have the printing done.

Elections: Steve moved to re-elect board officers for a second term. Sally seconding the motion.

Next CFA Meeting: Monday, Oct. 16, 2017 at Community Room. THERE WILL BE NO MEETING IN SEPTEMBER!!
Submitted by Gini Bramlett

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