Minutes 2018-01-15

Minutes  for CFA

January 15, 2018

Present: Peggy, Kathleen, Steve, Don

Minutes approved by Kathleen, seconded by Peggy

Treasurer’s report: Key checking balance $1,657 27, Key savings $24,806.69  Selco $513.30 savings and  $5.

Kathleen mentioned the museum gave us their old laminator it will do 8 1/2” by 11” sized paper. She also talk to Bob Anderson about placing a cork board for advertising next to the ATM machine at the old Keybank.

2018 proposed budget discussion: We found the budget to be mostly in line with our current spending levels. There were a few line items recommended: grants and capital improvement.  So money would be allocated for: Structures, community garden, possible capital investment for the market, especially if we have to move. But overall the budget look good and reflected our emphasis on and priorities of education and outreach.  Kathleen will make corrections as suggested and bring back amended budget for discussion and approval at the February meeting.

Community garden report:  Don asked the board to  consider having Billie not pay plot fees this coming year. We discussed and agreed that Billie contributes much to the garden and that waving her fees is a benefit to the CFA.

  • Garden Structure: pavers down, two trips to Albany for compactor rental reimburse Don $176.
  • Don will submit a grant request for a Brownsville Community for decking.
  • Connect with Mormon sisters, Don to find out who to contact
  • Contact DHS for welfare-to-work people or sheriff’s office for community service folks.

Taking Root:  Gini absent. Nothing new to report

Honey project: It was suggested we should only use the Beeville honey label instead of changing it for holidays and special events. It would save costs and would represent Brownsville and CFA year ‘round.

Cider project Don would like to continue to help out Oregon Country Farm. He looking to hold another pruning workshop for the orchard and for possibly the grapes sometime in February. More information to come.

Thursday Market:

  • Due to the purchase of the current site of the Market, there was discussion of a possible change of site for the market by 2019 to the Kirk Street Park and what needs that might bring, budget should reflect that need.
  • Our Farmers Market Asso. fees are due. We agreed to continue being part of the this organization and authorized funds.


Munch Night: Hungry Heart, about the opioid epidemic. We decided to do a baked potato bar with a salad. We divided up the various toppings between the board members. Begins at 6:00.

Healthcare Forum It was held January 11th and reasonably well attended. Dr. Thompson was well-informed and presented good information about the upcoming ballot initiative 101. Don reported a successful evening all in all.

New Horizons Film Gathering: there were several suggestions for February’s film: I Am Not Your Negro, Free State of Jones and Loving Vincent. Steve also had these suggestions for either Munch Night or New Horizons: Unrest, about chronic fatigue, City of Gold, The Hero, Spotlight, Going Clean.

Medical marijuana information night January 17th at 7:00 Try to invite city council folks.

Next meeting Feb 19th

Next Munch Night: No munch night in February due to conflicting and competing events and lack of available board members

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