Minutes – 2016-05-16

CFA minutes for May 16th 2016
Board Members Present: Lisa, Kathleen,Gini, Steve, Peggy, Don. Also present: Diane, Ally
MInutes from April Meeting: All Approved
Treasurer’s report Checking $1012.41 key savings $17,000.14 Selco $512.31 Kathleen is now
using Excel for our spreadsheet for accounting. Gini made a motion to approve the report
seconded by Lisa. all approved.
Community garden report
● Purchased two new houses need to Mark as CFA .
● Steve moved secondary plot by the parking lot took out the strawberries to make another
bed as original bed was too wide
● Plot rentals available several rows and two big plots
● new gardeners are bringing their own hoses hoses are not to be used exclusively By
plot holders
● Ally reminded us about fundraising ideas for thegarden. Also,to hold an event when the
structure is built to celebrate of some kind. Ally shared some interactions with plot
holders Mike and Beth, Summer and Linda positive feedback. Policy update: Plot
holder’s need to clean up in the fall or pay for next year at like a cleaning deposit. Billy is
not really interested in growing for the community garden.
● Steve proposes to build raised beds 4 x 10. Don has wood that we can use for that.
Kathleen made a motion to authorize any money that we needed to purchase items to
finish the beds. All approved.
Volunteer coordinator update
● Peggy shared about the volunteer booth at the market. Interaction with folks going well.
She will have name tags from board members to be used at CFA events and at the
Farmers Market.
Take Root:
● Gini reported column will feature Farmers Market article, next one about the Mother
Earth News Fair.
Farmers Market report
● First Market was great, second one not as well, but busy at the end. The booth boxes
that Mike built look fantastic and will simplify setup for all. Need a picture of Mike next to
the finished boxes for the Times article.
● Power of Produce handouts to go in Snack Packs for school kids
● Scale was calibrated $42
● Key to the shed to be made for all board members. Currently only Don, Kathleen and
Diane have one. Padlock key to be hanging in the shed for the booth boxes.
● Diane reported that social media workshop was not all that informative sort of a waste of
● Reminder to sign up on the website to volunteer at the market.
Honey sales 16 ounce jars for $10 8 ounce for 6 12 ounce hex jar for $12 hopefully purchase
for gifts honey sales at Boston mail offer our label and a Boston Mill label later Kathy will talk to
them Steve will get a picture from the archives or take one

New business DCF grants need to send a picture and article to the Times by June 1st Pioneer
picnic acceptance of the grant funds

Brochure Steve needs copy for the final edit by the end of this week will send draft by email for
feedback and approval prior to the Mother Earth Fair on June 4th and 5th

Garden tour
Saturday June 25th. Community garden is on the list but not as part of the official tour.

Stand By Me Day July 23rd there will be booze on our Market site all day we discussed having
a booth selling or stand by me honey possibly honey sticks and bitohoney
candy keeping items relevant to the 1950s need blow up of label for poster and signage need to discuss more
at next meeting possible ideas for sale bottled water honey sticks photo booth Jenny Kathleen
Lisa and Steve committee members

Mother Earth News Fair June 4th and 5th need to sign up to volunteer Kathleen has genius
sign board for display will look over to see what need to do to Spruce it up
Amazon smile remember to use it

Emergency planning Steve reported something about putting together a supply of food the
survivors box they should have a booth at the market Steve will investigate ordering something
from hummingbird wholesale

Take A Whole Health Journey: Don reported Saturday May 28th a book tour will be at the
courtroom the library at 7 o’clock. We agreed to present as a CFA sponsored event
Adjourn next meeting June 20th 2016
Prepared by Peggy Purkerson, substitute Sect.

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