Taking Root #34

“Bee”ville Honey Coming Right Up

Did you know that honey is the perfect food? It last forever and requires no refrigeration. Honey is manufactured by one of our most important friends in nature; the honey bee. Honey bees extract pollen from flowers, therefore pollinating them, and then bring the pollen back to the hive to produce honey.

Recently, the Calapooia Food Alliance has gotten into the honey business. If all goes well, the CFA will offer the honey this week at the Thursday Farmer’s Market with a distinctive label featuring our historic town of Brownsville. It will also be for sale at the monthly Munch Night Event this Friday at 6pm at the former Corner Café in Brownsville. Sharp eyes will notice that Old Yeller and Connie Bull are in the scene, too.
The unfiltered blackberry honey is locally produced in the Silverton area and bottled and labeled right here in Brownsville at the cost of $6 a pound and $4 for an 8 ounce jar.

And soon, the CFA will offer a “Call to Artists” to submit their individual renderings of special edition labels. These jars will contain the same wonderful honey, but will have the series of special edition labels on them. With this distinctive label, produced by Steve Brenner, these jars make great souvenirs of Brownsville, perfect for visitors to take home and for local folks to share with out -of -district friends and family. The “Artist” series will be available in time for the Christmas holidays.
Munch Night

All are invited to Munch Night held at the former Corner Café in Brownsville at 6pm on Friday, November 6. For only a $10 donation, the CFA offers a complete homemade meal and a thought-provoking film following by a stimulating discussion. This week’s is a harvest dinner cooked by members of the CFA board. And, don’t forget to bring your own place settings. See you there!

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