Taking Root #41

March 23, 2016

By Gini Bramlett

Affordable Organic Food Delivery in Brownsville? Yes! Really!

Yes, right here in Brownville. Yes, I said affordable; more affordable than most organic foods available almost anywhere. The title of this column means just what it says. You can get fresh organic produce, bulk foods, home products and garden supplies delivered to a drop site right here in Brownsville. Along with others who want easier access to a huge selection of organic and natural products, you no longer will need to drive to Eugene, Albany or Corvallis, and then pay high prices.

Azure Standard is a 40-year-old Oregon company which makes regular deliveries to communities all over Oregon and many other states. It is the largest independent natural and organic food distributor in the country. They offer more than 12,000 earth-friendly and high quality foods directly to families, individuals and other nature-conscious retails stories at an appointed day and time. Azure can pass saving onto you because it incurs overhead for retail space, deal in large volume sales and keep the distance between the producer and you to a minimum.

Some of the big positives about ordering from Azure are:

  • Organic foods, which can be expensive in most retail stores is lower in price than you can find almost anywhere.
  • Delivery to Brownsville saves gas and your valuable time.
  • Online ordering from the comforts of your own home eliminates waiting in long lines, noisy stores and impulse buying.

How does ordering work? You can log on to Azure’s website at www.azurestandard.com and learn about the ordering process, but, in a nutshell, all you do is place an order after perusing Azure’s “shelves,” and wait for a notification letting you know when you can expect your order. Then, Steve Brenner, our local drop coordinator will contact you when it is delivered and where you can pick it up. It’s that simple.

Ordering online from Azure is equivalent to shopping at a fully stocked health food store. The Calapooia Food Alliance offers our communities this opportunity to have access to healthy food and natural products all year ‘round and delivered to our proverbial door at affordable prices.

The opportunity to purchase groceries through Azure Standard is just one more way the Calapooia Food Alliance (CFA) is benefitting our community. If Azure Standard sounds interesting to you or you have questions, check out the web site, http://www.azurestandard.com/ or contact Steve Brenner at: sbrenner@archetype.org or visit the CFA website at http://gocfa.org/buying.

Brownsville Thursday Market

Spring is here, and our local growers and producers are busy at work preparing for the Thursday Farmer’s Market in Brownsville from 3-7pm on the corner of Main and Park streets. Along with fresh spring produce, perennials, shrubs, veggie starts and annuals for your gardens, this year some of our vendors are offering fresh, locally baked artisan breads, locally produced eggs and handmade soaps, B’ville Honey, fresh, homemade berry crumble bars (by request) and other confections, as well as jams and other local produced jarred items, plus much more.

The first Thursday Market is May 4, only six weeks away, and will continue uninterrupted until October. Diane, the CFA’s market manager has come up with some great ways to make the market better for customers. Come on by and see all the new locally produced items we’ll have for you.

We also want to thank our loyal and dedicated customers for coming by the market regularly. The CFA volunteers work hard to offer Brownsville a weekly outdoor market where fresh, locally-grown produce and other products are available. If it wasn’t for our customer’s loyalty, we couldn’t do what we do. Thank you so much!

Seed Swap

A new feature at the market this spring will be a free “Seed Swap” table where gardeners can bring their extra veggie and flower seeds to share. Simply bring what you have and take what you need. No money changes hands. Just make sure your seeds are labeled with name and other pertinent growing information. No plants, bulbs or cuttings please!

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