Taking Root #46

Donate Garden Surplus to the Thursday Market

By Gini Bramlett

For the Calapooia Food Alliance

Growing your own produce is fast becoming a popular way for anyone to eat fresh and better-tasting organic foods. The advantages are numerous, including the convenience of heading outside to pick that perfect tomato for bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, or gleaning an overgrown zuchinni for that decadent chocolate zuchinni bread recipe you found and must bake right now. How about digging a few spuds for a family baked potato bar, or just harvesting a variety of fresh, crispy lettuce for the perfect tossed salad?

Admit it. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Another big plus of having your produce growing out your own back door is cost.   Growing your own is certainly less expensive than having to take the trip to a store to shop for what you need. A packet of seed is cheap in comparison, and saving some of your seeds even eliminates or reduces seed costs.

That being said, sometimes its difficult to determine just how much you need to plant and what you will actually use. Most people find they end up with an abundance of various types of vegetables and fruits at an given time during the harvest season. Apple trees can get pretty overloaded, and summer squash production can easily run amuck. So, if you don’t have the time or inclination to preserve your harvest, consider donating the surplus to the Thursday Farmer’s Market in Brownsville.

The market is managed by the Calapooia Food Alliance which advocates healthy eating and supports local farmers and growers in many ways. The CFA also manages the Brownsville Community Gardens on the south end of town giving those without adequate garden space at home an opportunity to grow their own for a low rental cost and tons of support.

Donating your surplus produce for the CFA to sell helps keep the market and the garden sustainable, and its super easy too. Just drop your fruit or veggies off at the market around 2:30-3 p.m. or thereabouts on Thursdays. A little or a lot is always welcomed. If that time doesn’t work, call the market manager at the number below.

Another way to support the commuity-oriented mission of the CFA, is to help us out at the market on Thursdays by assisting with set up, helping us sell during market hours. how about volunteering an hour or so here and there at the garden during one of our work parties. Sharing a common passion can be very inspirational, and a good way to learn new garden methods, share ideas and gather gardening information from other gardeners.

To donate your surplus produce, contact market manager, Diane Remior at farmersmarket@gocfa.com or 541-359-5898 or just drop it by the Thursday Market.

Contact Ally Maser, garden manager, to volunteer or ask questions at 303-726-5719 or gardens@gocfa.com.

The Brownville Thursday Market is open from 3-7 p.m. and is located on the corner of Main and Park streets. The peak of the season is underway with fresh, ripe, organic tomatoes, freshly picked green beans, Walla Walla sweets, peaches and much more including local honey, farm fresh eggs, locally produced berry jams, homemade pastas, locally made bar and laundry soaps, as well as baked items.

Come and see us this week!

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