Taking Root #57

Taking Root

Get Onboard for Local Delivery of Natural, Non-GMO, Organic Products

By Gini Bramlett

For the Calapooia Food Alliance

Many of us are moving or already have moved toward a healthier eating style than the one we were raised with. The more we’ve learned about what all those additives, chemicals, and artificial preservatives are and what they are doing to us, the less desirable they have become.

Unfortunately, good, wholesome, natural and organic foods aren’t always accessible without driving some distance from where we live. Consequently, sometimes finding what we want to eat and use to live a healthier lifestyle can be a bit of a challenge.

Enter Azure Standard, a 40-year-old Oregon company that started out as an organic farm in Eastern Oregon has grown into the largest independent natural and organic food distributor in the country. Azure now delivers more than 14,000 non-GMO and organic products direct to families, manufacturers and retailers across the nation.

It’s an independent food supply chain where you get the food you really want, delivered directly from the producer to you with no middleman, no grocery store overhead, no long lines to shop or pay. Azure is a choice that puts you in charge of your family’s health. It’s convenient, healthy and sustainable.

You may have heard about this company in the news recently battling with their county in Eastern Oregon to stop the requirement to spray the farm with herbicides where many of their products are grown. They worked out a deal and won the battle which saved the organic farm from being contaminated.

Azure is very much into healthy, natural food products, but also carry medicinals, body care, and even farm`items such as fence posts, fertilizer, seeds and more.

Here’s how it works: Azure reduces waste and saves you money by connecting directly with the independent growers and food producers, shortening the cycle and handling of your food. You have access to organic farm-fresh veggies and dry bulk foods, grass-fed dairy, frozen meats, raw honey and non-GMO oils, packaged foods, nutritional supplements and beauty products.

After perusing the site and placing items in your website cart, Azure’s warehouse team in Moro, Oregon pulls them off the shelves like your own personal shopper. Your items are then packed in recycled boxes under your name, and your order is put on a truck that delivers straight to you.

Here’s what you do: Create an account online at azurestandard.com, then join a delivery drop spot near you, (west end of Stanard in Brownsville) place your order, meet the truck at the designated time and day once a month and take home amazing food. It’s easy to shop and there’s no fee to join.

Calapooia Food Alliance board member, Steve Brenner, serves as drop coordinator and takes care of making sure deliveries get to the right persons. You can call Steve at 541-466-3060 for more information. Check out Azure Standard’s comprehensive Website at azurestandard.com to read more, go through the product lists and sign up.

The Brownsville Thursday Marketplace offers freshly-harvested, mostly organic vegetables fruits and berries, herb, vegetable and flower plants, fresh eggs and homemade pastas, locally-made hand soaps, and bath truffles, homemade baked goods including cakes, cookies and more.

Vendors also offer local honey, jams, herbal tinctures and crafts. Located on the corner of Main and Park streets from 3-6pm, there is sure to be something for everyone. Please help support our local growers, artisans and crafters to keep our community sustainable.

Oh, and you can even get ice cold berry and fruit lemonade to drink while you shop!

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