Taking Root #60

Oct. 18, 2017
By Gini Bramlett
For the Calapooia Food Alliance

The Market’s Over, but, “Munch Night” is Back!

Yes, the market season has come to an end, and not a day too early for a lot of gardeners, including me! This year has been a tough one for vegetable and fruit growers. Along with the wet spring came a fungus – we think that’s what it was anyway – and no one really seems to be sure. The fungus, or whatever it was, managed to practically desimated some crops for some gardeners I know. For us, both our raspberry and boysenberry crop was practically ruined. Even the apples had worms and scab.

Then came the unrelenting heat without a drop of rain for more than three months. The results were various bug infestations and a summer-long fight with the deer, who apparently, didn’t have enough to eat in the dry forests, so came looking for meals in our gardens. Never, in the 8 years I have gardened here, have I known deer to eat tomato and pepper plants, and ripe and unripe tomatoes. They were hungry, but it didn’t bode well for those of us who labored all season and reaped very little.

These frustrating seasonal anomalies are part of the life of a gardener, and the risks they we each and every season. You just never know what to expect when spring rolls around.

The farm season may be coming to an end, but the Calapooia Food Alliance doesn’t end their mission of encouraging healthy eating and growing your own gardens, and instead continues supporting our food community sharing insightful information in many ways.

Starting in fall and through the spring, the CFA hosts a monthly “Munch Night” at Randy’s on Main Street in Brownsville. We use this venue to share our mission. Each month the board home cooks, from scratch, a warm seasonal meal including dessert, for guests who would like to support the CFA. Along with dinner, we host either a local speaker or a thought-provoking film.

This month’s “Munch Night” is on Friday, Oct. 20 at 6pm. Our Speaker is Anna Marx of Early Dawn Bakery in Brownsville who will talk about, “What’s Up With Gluten-Free? Our “Munch Nights” are open to all. Just bring a place setting and beverage of choice (we will have water) for a delicious, homemade dinner and a donation of $10 per person. Your contribution ensures that the CFA can continue hosting the farm market and community garden, supporting local growers and crafters and offering free spring gardening classes, fall cider-making and so much more.

For more information about the CFA, it’s mission, the farm market, community garden or classes, visit gocfa.org.

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